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  5. I’m paying $1.99 a month for all of this profanity? Fuck yeah!!! I went to the Minneapolis cycle show this weekend and I was pretty ‘meh’ about all of the new plasic missiles but got very excited about the Ural. I could actually ride in snow with the 2 wheel drive sidecar. Now Hammarhead has to suck me in further by showing the possibilties of these funky old school bikes. I think I am now blessedly doomed to own one of these anachronisms.

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  8. Father,Thank you for your very helpful response, and thank you for this blog, which has been a blessing to me. One more question, though. Can someone be in a state of mortal sin while retaining the virtues of faith? charity? hope? Or do they exit the soul? Does all holiness disappear upon mortal sin?Joe

  9. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  10. He’s doing a damn fine job of it, too: the born-again Jones appeared in a video for a bizarre pseudo-religion called Forerunner Chronicles (more on that later), criticizing the CBS sitcom for “filling your head with filth.”A joke this nerdy really belongs on GammaSquad, but are we sure this religion isn’t just a really elaborate Halo ARG?

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  20. After the Bolshevik Revolution (in which Jews played an enormously disproportionate role), anti-Semitism was made a capital offense (you read that right).Are you going to be the one to actually document a source on this one? So far, after doing this for 10 years or so, it has not graduated beyond "WN urban myth."

  21. and StuddUsually the problem is not the army disobeying the sovereign and refusing to pull the trigger but that sovereign flinching in the face of the mob even as the army tells him (correctly) that shooting is the only sane choice.However, at its core, Studd is correct — the problem is that the ones in power refuse to maintain their position.

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  24. The improvements are awsome. I really like the ability to display your favorites in the order you choose. I've been waiting for that. Thanks YouTube! (though I'm not a fan of "active sharing")

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  30. So now Grant Morrison is copying Geoff John's lead of killing off characters just to make a story interesting. This type of storytelling does not interest me.

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  33. Great videos! I do live in NM, but, unfortunately I am not of a voting age. However, my mom and sister do intend to vote for Obama, if that eases your worries at all. =)Hmmm… I think I’d probably live in Tamora Pierce’s Tortall if I could – I love those books!

  34. Mary,My thoughts exactly! I was just journaling about what I want for the new year and your topic is one of them – to work on being more positive in what I say, think, and do and to live in the moment.Thanks for your always thought provoking Monday Motivating Moments.Elise

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  53. Sitchin is an illuminati shill so his work is worthless. A so-called precessional cycle is equal to an arc either above or below the galactic ecliptic. The Earth’s axis does not wobble as the astro quacks have told us. The wobble is of our entire solar system as it spirals like a serpent in 3 dimensions. It is an Earth bound illusion just like the tilting of the Axis which is due to our relative position in the helical trajectories of all planets. I am here to help not fight!February 1, 2012, 9:43 pm

  54. I don’t think Jack Kerouac was too worried about his light and whether he had “organic” things like a ball of rubber bands (huh?) in front of him in order to write. However, she’s trying. She’s trying my patience! Ba-rum-bum!

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  71. 1c0The whole nursery is gorgeous and simple, and I LOVELOVELOVE that piece of artwork “let her sleep.” It seems like something that can grow with her as she gets older. And I love that you went with neutral tones with a few bright colors thrown in.

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